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How to Install


How To Install

keep reading for step by step visuals

Click here for printable instructions 

If you have any questions or concerns about proper installation, please contact:

Shawn Lichty

(231) 313-0661



**For Off-road use lower the tire to your desired pressure...with a minimum of 5 psi please**

**Always maintain the InnerAirLock at 30 psi**

**NEVER inflate the InnerAirLock InnerTube above 40 psi**

**Inner Air Lock cannot beheld liable for our Units being INCORRECTLY Installed And/Or Used in a manner for which they were NOT INTENDED.**



Clean your rim and make sure there are no sharp edges that will damage the tube. If it's smooth to the touch, it's good for the tube. 


After you are done Drilling the Hole Debur and smooth the edges of it.


In An area that is as centered and flat as possible
Drill a 5/16th hole for the valve stem in your rim 180 Degrees from your Tire Valve Stem


Make sure you have everything ready to go and in easy reach
**And maybe a buddy to help set the bead on the Tire**


Install the Valve Stem for the Tire
**Note the Valve Stem May be different Depending on your Rim**


Use a small amount of talc powder to the casting of the Inner Air Lock and roll it around until you have an even film.  Dry hands work well.


Lube the Bead Area on the Tire and Install the First Bead.


Next take the talc powder and smear it around the tube.


Install the 1st Bead of the Inner Air Lock Bag.


When the tube is installed start from the valve stem and check to make sure that there is no fold under the tube **as pictured** by picking up the tube with your hands and working around the tube to make sure that it is even.  **If there is a fold straighten it out**


When installing the tube make sure the blue line on the tube is facing TOWARDS the rim.  Install the Valve Stem of the tube first, then install the rest of the tube on the rim with your hands like a shoe horn. ***TUBES are SNUG to get on DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS BUT YOUR HANDS***


After setting the last bead of the Inner Air Lock, lube the bead of the Tire and install the outer bead of the Tire. **We like to use the sealer below for sealing the bead of the tire**


Install the O-Ring on the Valve Stem of the Inner Air Lock Tube then install the Steel washer with the concave side down.  Finally install the Nut . Note: you will have a Flat spot in the Valve stem in the tube facing you.

**This is a Clue, if you Over tighten the Stem it will turn, this means that the tube is turning in the tire. This is BAD**

****This step can be done before step # 12 if you prefer****


With both Valve cores removed, start to inflate the InnerAirLock first to help push the side walls of the tire out and then quickly switch over to the tire valve stem to seat of the bead tire. Then, let everything settle until there is no air pressure to either one.

Air up the Inner Air Lock 3 times to allow the tube to adjust its self into position.  Next, install the core of the Inner Air Lock Valve Stem and air it up in short bursts it will get to the required psi quickly.

  • 1st time ~ Inflate to 15 psi then pull the Core
  • 2nd time ~ Inflate to 20 psi then pull the Core Again
  • 3rd time ~ Inflate to 30 psi then pull the Core
  • 4th and Final time ~ Inflate the InnerAirLock to 30 psi

Now you can install the Core for the tire valve stem and air it up to the pressure you want to run.  (Inner Air Lock Recommends between 5-8 psi)


Install the Green Valve Stem from the kit on the Inner Air Lock Valve Stem so that you can tell which one it is.


Take Soapy water and spray it around the Valve Stem and Bead to check for leaks.

**Note with SOME Applications of the No Air Transfer System if you need to adjust Pressure in the Tire Quickly**
**Drop the Inner Air Lock Pressure to 15 ~ 20 psi**
**This will make the adjustment to the tire pressure easier**